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I translate things sometimes

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[TRANSLATED] “And Then He Was Snared”


Art by ゆーき. A short comic about Hope’s night with the rose-haired phantom. Slightly NSFW!!

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The last line, could she mean “I want to take him away from the real Lightning?”


Oh! I’ve tried, and I’ve tried…
And I’ve searched way deep inside…!
From these two I won’t choose,
I can’t stand the bad news
About the name of the guy that I’m gonna lose!

this was bound to happen i mean. come on.


More translations today! Poor Lest…

Rune Factory 4

Source: 漫画詰め合わせ2(ルーンファクトリー4) | by the wonderful えんぴつ (enpitsu)





Meanwhile, in Japan

sometimes you just got to stop questioning the japanese and accept it.


dont exercise with the ball

be the ball

RF4 bachelor(ette) popularity on pixiv

In light of the popularity discussions on fyeahrunefactory

Here are the results (# of fanart entries) when I searched RF4+character name* tags on pixiv:

  1. Dylas 381
  2. Leon 307
  3. Doug 179
  4. Kiel 158
  5. Vishnal 127
  6. Arthur 126
  1. Dolce 204
  2. Amber 167
  3. Xiao Pai 128
  4. Margaret 80 
  5. Forte 73
  6. Clorica 46

Compared to the Japanese poll posted on gamefaqs, the bachelor ranking isn’t that different, while the bachelorette rankings got switched around a bit. Clorica is still in last though.

Bear in mind that a lot of fanart isn’t tagged of all (or any) the characters they feature, a zealous and productive fanartist can skew results, some people collect lots of fanart in one entry while others spread them out, etc.

But it does seem like the bachelors are more popular than the bachelorettes.

And Arthur is in last again orz

*in jp. ex. ルーンファクトリー4 レオン


jhiendacnl Admittedly, no. I was basing that answer off of both tumblr and this Japanese poll.

(Kiel is only in 10th place, which isn’t bad at all. c:)

The younger characters seem to have more appeal in Japan than in the US, too.

Ohh, that poll is useful information though. Thanks.

That gamefaqs post also linked to this other fan-run poll, but didn’t translate it. Hmm, actually upon rereading it I think it’s just a report of the same poll, but it does split up the bachelors from the bachelorettes.

Arthur is ranked last among the bachelors… ;_;
The poll taker even commented that perhaps if he didn’t have that hairstyle he’d be higher ranked lol


romeo being weeaboo trash


I never get tired of this.



roxanne and i were talking about genderbending RF4 characters earlier and i was like, holy shit female arthur tho…



Trisection | 前掛 [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=44204390

"Trisection" from the OST was one of my favorite tunes too


No, We Cannot Explain These Photos of a Dog on a Tiny Segway

According to the Japanese blog “Narinari”, this duo was photographed in the Chinese city of Guangdong. Other than that, your guess is good as ours.


Jaime likes pie now.


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