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Photoshop is freaking out on me.  I don’t know what’s going on but It kept locking up before I could save.

His chest says Vinisto de la Amo in Esperanto.


Cosplay by misawebioo

I don’t usually like cosplays, but the height difference is great.



Apart from dick, we also have wonderful grammar and random enemies called inappropriate names. I don’t know who in the translation team thought this was a good idea.

Boner was hard to hit, he didn’t go down easily



If I say no to having a child the first time do they ask again or

Yes.  About once a week.

It gets kind of irritating really.  ”Did you know I like kids?”  ”No, dear, you’ve only mentioned it like, CONSTANTLY.”  (I love those stupid dorks.)

If I’d known that I would have delayed sprog-bearing >_>



I might finally have a chance at getting through that room in Rune Prana with the walled off mages, but I need a very good spear in order to do so. Unfortunately until today I’ve never used a spear.

I’ve basically spent the last half hour with a low attack spear in a room with a gate just trying to get my level up

Rather than leveling you up, you need to level up your equipment.  Ranged spells also work well against the mages — but use those that pack a serious wallop because Dragons and Stars those things are annoying to kill!!!!  (Also recommended: bring someone who can heal, and lots of food-things to replenish your energy and mana.)

They spam fireballs at you, so eat high-level Ice Cream or Hot Juice to up your fire resistance, and/or wear fire resistant accessories.


Art influences and where I picked up my quirks.

Tooko Mizuno and Takahiro Kagami are my biggest influences though. 

omg someone else who’s read ouke no monshou


Their parents always told them to stay away from Vishnal whenever he mentions the word “cooking.”

Why You Can’t Trust Google Translate


Programs like Google Translate can help somewhat in understanding content written in another language. But they are very limited and produce lots and lots of gibberish.

I vividly remember once chatting with a semi-literate guy who wanted to have a conversation in Japanese with me, so he wrote his message in chatspeak-riddled English, used Google Translate to translate it into Chinese (because he didn’t know the difference between Chinese and Japanese), and then got miffed when I couldn’t make any sense of it. He soon realised his mistake and translated his message into Japanese…but the result was no better. I think there was one sentence that made sense. The rest was gibberish.

In short: Google Translate is a very, very, very poor substitute for a translation by a trusted human.

And thus, I bring you, a scene from Tsunagaru Shintenchi/Story of Seasons translated from Japanese through Google Translate. The scene I chose was Reager’s grey event. You can see my translation of it here.

(All dialogue is Reager’s, except for the “Lemon want” part, which is Minori’s.)

"Oh, I came to say Minori.."
"I was making a cake of new work. Do not you began to taste it when it is good?"
"Please,. C’mon"
"How about …?"

»Lemon Want …
"Huh? … N? Crap! Had forgot to Serve bad, the lemon sauce!"
"I fetch immediately. And waiting for us a little."
”. Was good yeah? It was very delicious”
"I’m quite delicious even in a state of deep Like I I’m out to taste more sour taste of lemon is applied."
"Nantes notice it, it is pretty good but I wonder. Or not it there Minori, the talent of cooking?"
"I’m glad I can talk to the guy who understands taste. That can be. Thank you it was good to give me a taste to Minori!"
"I came to eat again Once this is lined up as a product to the store. It. Ze waiting"

….Perfect English, right? xD I especially love the “I’m quite delicious” line. 

Wow, Google Translate did worse than I expected. It’s possibly worse than literally translating every word by itself, and then having a non-Japanese speaker trying to piece it back together (especially thinking of that “serve bad” line).



And here’s the bachelorettes!  Because homework is overrated XP

Link to bachelors here


This is apparently what I do with my sick days

Go here for a better image

Go here for bachelorettes


How I feel having finished watching log horizon. Season 2 hype



Log Horizon Original Soundtrack cover and package shot.

Release date August 22.


Log Horizon Fun Fact #188:

When Mamare first learned that Log Horizon would be animated, both he and his editor thought it was a joke and ignored it.

Thankfully, it wasn’t, since it’s how I learned about LH to begin with.

(Confession: Yeah, I was one of those people who thought it’d be a SAO knockoff. I noticed it when I looked up Yozakura Quartet episodes and then watched episode 4. I got instantly hooked and watched the episode in the arbitrary order of 4>5>3>1>2.)

Cafe Woolies

Popcorn woolies
Wooly soda
Strawberry wooly cupcakes

Source: ルンファク4らくがき | ぷち [pixiv] 
Reposted and translated with permission

[t/n woolies (en) = moko moko (jp)]

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